Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pricing for Customs

Hiya, please read pricing BEFORE you place the order!

Extravigant: means lots of art work, flowers, designs, and so on on the entire throne

Basic: simple throne with your clan/design you choose on the throne

Kids- built for child avi's, can be simple or extravogant, but is small in stature.

Clan Deal- Choose throne type you want,also will have your clans name, and design on the throne, somewhere. WILL NOT be given with full perm abilitys unless you pay the extra 1000.
Chair designs:
Scaling roses
Scaling tulips
Cascading blood
Cascading water
Clan Name/Design
Custom Artwork with your clans name
Scaling flowers
Other (you describe)
Extravigant: 200L EACH throne

Basic- 50L each throne

Kidz- 75L each throne

Clan Dealz- 1200L this will be sold to u with copy/transfer perms.


Extravigant= 150L

Basic- 100L

Kidz- (mini fountain)- 75L

Clan dealz- 1150 (extravigant custom clan fountain sold with copy/trans perms)

bedroom sets (comes with dresser,nightstand,bed,rug,artwork)

Extravigant- 1000L

Basic- 500L

Kidz- 250L

Clan Dealz- 2000L (sold wit copy/trans perms.)

Dining room sets (6 chairs, table, flowers)

Extravigant- 400L

Basic- 250L

Kidz- 100L

Clan Deals- 1400L (sold wit copy/transfer Perms)

Cuddle Rugs (sold with a few poses attached, and design your choice)

Extravigant- 200L

Basic- 100L

Kidz- 75L

Clan Deals- 1200L
Shirts- 50L EACH

Pants- 50L each

Cloaks/jackets- 100L each
Write us a Notecard on info on the building we will im a estimate, areas can be 100- 1000L depending on type
Other items:

Have a idea of something you want for your clan? afraid we cant do it? TRY US.
We pride ourselfs in building things for you!

if you have something you want built but dont see the price here, just drop a custom order form describing what you want and we will IM you with a price

You can also EMAIL your orders in case you worry that SL will mess up and we wont recieve it

Staff: Lacey sinatra, Damion Snoodle

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