Sunday, May 31, 2009


Sponser event info:
We do sponsor events YES.
We do not sponsor events for money
We dont expect anyone to give us anything for the item we give
We do have a few guidelines:

1. We dont sponser a event if you expect us to pay YOU
2.We do not ask money at all, we like to do this FREE of charge!
3.we ask that you tell persons the event is sponsored by the shop.
4.We ask that you allow us to come to the event if we wish
5.We also ask that you put out the LM giver beside the gift/item thats given out so people know they can TP here

6..this is UBER important...HAVE FUN!

ok now that is all known, we have a few things we want to make clear, we may do this for free but we do not mind tips/donations to keep the free-ness goin, also there is NO OBLIGATION to pay us nor give us anything, we may only ask for a hug! just kidding ;)
For us to sponser a event please drop a notecard in the box at the entry way with your name, club name, and event also tell us what time the event is!Or send the notecard to Lacey sinatra or DamionSnoodle!

We also are looking for area's to rent.

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