Sunday, May 31, 2009

Color coding

Each item shown in the NEW item posts, have color codes, here they are, EACH name is colored to its need








Pricing for Customs

Hiya, please read pricing BEFORE you place the order!

Extravigant: means lots of art work, flowers, designs, and so on on the entire throne

Basic: simple throne with your clan/design you choose on the throne

Kids- built for child avi's, can be simple or extravogant, but is small in stature.

Clan Deal- Choose throne type you want,also will have your clans name, and design on the throne, somewhere. WILL NOT be given with full perm abilitys unless you pay the extra 1000.
Chair designs:
Scaling roses
Scaling tulips
Cascading blood
Cascading water
Clan Name/Design
Custom Artwork with your clans name
Scaling flowers
Other (you describe)
Extravigant: 200L EACH throne

Basic- 50L each throne

Kidz- 75L each throne

Clan Dealz- 1200L this will be sold to u with copy/transfer perms.


Extravigant= 150L

Basic- 100L

Kidz- (mini fountain)- 75L

Clan dealz- 1150 (extravigant custom clan fountain sold with copy/trans perms)

bedroom sets (comes with dresser,nightstand,bed,rug,artwork)

Extravigant- 1000L

Basic- 500L

Kidz- 250L

Clan Dealz- 2000L (sold wit copy/trans perms.)

Dining room sets (6 chairs, table, flowers)

Extravigant- 400L

Basic- 250L

Kidz- 100L

Clan Deals- 1400L (sold wit copy/transfer Perms)

Cuddle Rugs (sold with a few poses attached, and design your choice)

Extravigant- 200L

Basic- 100L

Kidz- 75L

Clan Deals- 1200L
Shirts- 50L EACH

Pants- 50L each

Cloaks/jackets- 100L each
Write us a Notecard on info on the building we will im a estimate, areas can be 100- 1000L depending on type
Other items:

Have a idea of something you want for your clan? afraid we cant do it? TRY US.
We pride ourselfs in building things for you!

if you have something you want built but dont see the price here, just drop a custom order form describing what you want and we will IM you with a price

You can also EMAIL your orders in case you worry that SL will mess up and we wont recieve it

Staff: Lacey sinatra, Damion Snoodle

New items

We now have NEW items in the shop!


Women's CROW outfit- Black leather jacket,with hirt,jeans, heels and even socks!

Neko Fountain- Fountain gorgeous blue water with Paw prints around the outside of it.
Angel Sent Throne set- king and Queen ANGEL themed Throne set, include poses, roses climb sides as wings span out the side, blue water runs the back of the chair.

Vampyre Dreams Wedding Area- Wedding area made by Damion Snoodle, Black red and white.Benches,Stand,even a podium!


Vampyre Dreams Fountain- 2 Tier Fountain blood cascading down the side of the top area.


Please See other posts for COLOR coding Info.

Need something custom? come see us!


Sponser event info:
We do sponsor events YES.
We do not sponsor events for money
We dont expect anyone to give us anything for the item we give
We do have a few guidelines:

1. We dont sponser a event if you expect us to pay YOU
2.We do not ask money at all, we like to do this FREE of charge!
3.we ask that you tell persons the event is sponsored by the shop.
4.We ask that you allow us to come to the event if we wish
5.We also ask that you put out the LM giver beside the gift/item thats given out so people know they can TP here

6..this is UBER important...HAVE FUN!

ok now that is all known, we have a few things we want to make clear, we may do this for free but we do not mind tips/donations to keep the free-ness goin, also there is NO OBLIGATION to pay us nor give us anything, we may only ask for a hug! just kidding ;)
For us to sponser a event please drop a notecard in the box at the entry way with your name, club name, and event also tell us what time the event is!Or send the notecard to Lacey sinatra or DamionSnoodle!

We also are looking for area's to rent.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Now open

Welcome to the Shop of Blood Bound Kreations Blog.

We offer MANY custom things, we offer quiet a few nice designs that you like.
Custom thrones
Custom Throne rooms
Custom table
Custom eating chair
custome Couch
custom bed
Custom snuggle rugs

We can do rugs thrones and other things to suit YOUR clan's needs, CUSTOM done and NOT resold unless you give us the right to resell it.

WE can make a HUB for your clan to come and buy your clan related items, such as a space in the shop with all the items from your clans line.

We also can do custom shirts, clothing, and other items needed to suit your clans needs.